Yamakoshi, Lanny's evil fish.

Yamakoshi is the current identity of King Kalakai of Kinkow.However, following a battle with his brother he was transformed into Lanny's talking fish which Boomer and Brady keep on mistaking for a frog or lizard. He is evil and hates the kings just like Lanny.


Early LifeEdit

Kalakai and Malakai shared the throne, and were the best of friends. Other than that not much is known.

The DivisionEdit

As they became adults, fractures grew in the king's previously solid friendship. A fight divided on them, and the two brothers engaged in life or death battle, resulting in Kalakai fleeing to form the Dark Side. However, Kalakai was vanquished by his sibling and turned into a fat, ugly fish.

Meeting LannyEdit

For reasons not yet disclosed, Kalakai ended up in Fishy You Love, a pet store where he was purchased by Lanny, the next in line for the throne of Kinkow. Kalakai was renamed Yamakoshi, (Yama for short) and the two enjoyed their power. However, it was not to last...

Pair of KingsEdit

Lanny and Yamakoshi's dreams of dominance were shattered by the sudden arrival of the true kings Brady and Boomer. The scheming Kalakai and Lanny, however, resolved not to let this destroy their "rightful" monarchy. So, Lanny and Yamakoshi began to plot the kings demise, failing epicly every time.

The Evil KingEdit

The largest event to involve Yama so far was the day when the twin moons arose. While Brady and Boomer where tasked by Malakai to find "The Evil Twin" Yama manipulated Lanny into manipulating them into using their king rings to create a passage over the chasm in the Evil Castle throne room, allowing him to sit on the throne and return to his previous form. As the moon turned red over Kinkow, Lanny enslaved Brady with an evil thorn, causing Brady to fight his brother for the rings and escape. Now assuming Brady was the Evil Twin, Kinkow descended into panic until Boomer, Mikayla, and Mason stopped him from sinking the Light Side into the sea. He was then returned to his previous fish state.


  • In "No Kings Allowed" it is revealed that only Lanny who understand what Yamakoshi says.
  • Bizarrely enough, when in fish form Kalakai has a Jersey accent.