When Mason tells Boomer and Brady that one of them has to date Princess Iris, Brady calls dibs, and we find out he's been winning dibs for a long time. Brady then gives Boomer his dibs so he can be with Mikayla, but when Laney talks to Brady, Brady decides to take the dib back to make Mikayla jealous (And we all know that didn't work). Boomer doesn't go for it, and ends up almost winning Iris. But Laney tricks Brady, and he objects, Mason explaining now they had to do a 'Bone breaking' duel, which makes Iris 'get comfortable' and and lets her 3rd eye out. The twins run into the castle and hide. They remember and tell Mason, who ran in after them, about 3 girls they dated that were different. Fighting ensues about who will lose. Then they duel.

Round 1: Race across blazing lava rocks. Winner: Boomer.

Round 2: Fire burn eggs that is thrown at them, they have to dodge. Winner: Brady.

They take a break and talk about Iris, Mikayla scolding them, and begging Brady to win. Boomer then bonds with Iris, making Boomer want to win.

Round 3: Knocking each other into hot garbage. Winner: Neither, Iris stops the duel.

Iris then tells her father off. They return to their place.

Meeanwhile, Mason tries to bond with Iris's dad, and he tells him to get help. In the end Boomer and Brady eventually fall into the garbage. Boomer uses his toe to open the sauce Mason asked him to open. Boomer then won his first dib, but Mason ends up drinking all of the sauce.