Season: 1

Episode: 11

Plot: When Boomer plays a practical joke on Brady by feeding him some sort of berries that makes his voice go high. Mikayla tells the kings that practical jokes are not part of Kinkowan heritage. King Boomer and King Brady decide that it should be. They go on a prank spree, including putting banana peels in the plaza and sounding the invasion horns, which causes the guards to slip on them. While all this is happening, Mason is addicted to Brady's v ideo game system, which he played even after he broke every bone in his body (except for his thumbs!). Brady even goes as far as putting a crown in the plaza and when Mikayla picked it up, dumping a bagload of seaweed on her.

Mikayla tells the kings that if they don't stop the pranks and make it up to the islanders, karma will kick in. Karma is payback. They must let the islanders play jokes on them. The islanders go crazy. Lanny even makes the kings do a puppet show with the kings being the puppets and Lanny being the puppetmaster. Karma subsides when the kings eventually forgive each other for all the pranks they pulled on each other.