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Mikayla Mckoola, (Born September 9,1991) Age 17 who Brady is attracted too. She seems to be very sharp on Lanny's actions, and sometimes she loses faith on Brady and Boomer. Mikayla is the daughter of Mason, and as her sasqcuatch dad says, she is off limits. She was turned into a mermaid by the evil mermaids on the episode A Mermaids Tale. But, good news is she turned back into a human. Mikayla is very good with martial arts. She claims she must teach the kings how to defend themselves, however the kings do not take her seriously. She proves it by launching machetes into the center of two pineapples in an instant. Mikayla wants to meet boys but her father is overly protective. She points out that if she can rescue the kings numerous times, fight mummies, etc., then she should be able to meet boys. Her father remarks that mummies do not want to dance with his daughter. Mikayla is portrayed by Kelsey Chow.