Mason is the royal advisor of the two twins. He knows how to fight and has a deep voice. He learned much from Brady and Boomer's father, and now he's going to pass it onto the twins. Mason has a daughter named Mikayla, who Brady seems to have a crush on.

He is their supervisor and teaches them all about the island. He does not like Mikayla hanging out with boys. He loves playing video games... Until he broke every bone in his body (except for his thumbs!). Mason is a fighter and protector of the kings. His life long dream is to own the largest sword on the island. He is on the sunny side of Kinkow and tries to defend the kings from the Tarantula people. Mason is brave hearted and is a teacher to the kings. He has been shamed by lanny of his workout DVD with the Jungle Boys. Mason always carries around a big sword that when Boomer and Brady's aunt asked why he got it, he claimed that it was from a cereal box.

Physical Appearance Edit

mason wears sandals and long shorts. He also wears a kagool shirt with no sleeves. He has large biceps which are constantly displayed and dark short hair.