This is a list of episodes in pair of kings

Season 1 Edit

  1. Return of the Kings
  2. Beach bully Bingo
  3. A memaids tail
  4. Where the wild kings are
  5. Big Kings on campus
  6. The Brady Hunch
  7. Junga Ball
  8. Revenge of the Mummy
  9. "Oh Brother Where Arr Thou?"
  10. No kings allowed
  11. Pair of Jokers
  12. Pair of Prom Kings
  13. Tone Deaf Jam
  14. The Bite Stuff
  15. Brady Battles Boo-mer
  16. The King and Eyes
  17. The kings Beneath My Wings
  18. Fight School
  19. The Trouble with Doubles

20.Journey to the Center of Mt.Spew