Lanny... Looking evil, also he looks like he's imagining he's burning Boomer alive XD

Lanny is Brady and Boomer's evil cousin who was heir to the throne until Boomer and Brady showed up. He is the main and inept antagonist of the series. He usually spends his time trying to think of ways to get rid of Brady and Boomer and attempts to cause them trouble. He has a pet Talking Fish called Yamakoshi, And is noted to be short in some episodes. Though, so far nothing is revealed from his past other than being the cousin of Brady And Boomer. In almost every episode, Lanny comes up with a way to try to get Brady and Boomer killed, but Brady and Boomer always come out alive. It is shown in the very first episode of the series that Lanny likes to have control, as he is shown telling people to bow before him and sending people to the dungeon for stupid reasons. Lanny is portrayed by Ryan Ochoa.

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Season 3Edit

In Season 3, After learn the Brady left the island, he was overjoy that one of the kings is gone, but was shock to learn that Brady and Boomer were not twins, but triples and was sad that a new king take Brady place, Boz. Later in the series Lanny dream has finally come true when he became King ,but not of Kinkow but a new land which he called Lanada. now his new goal is to get more people to come to Lanada so he can rule more people.