Flogie are green people who can turn invisible and blend in with their environment. They are very friendly and worn with the environment. There are rumors about them being cannibals. Those rumors aren't true, but the way they talk to people might be how this rumor started. they sometimes say stuff like "They taste just like real fingers.", "Boomer stop sweating, you gotta keep those juices in.", "Hey kings looking tasty", and "Don't worry, I like my kings extra crispy.". All the quotes were said by Oogi in the episode The Brady Hunch. The other reason the rumor might have started is because every time they have a king over for diner the king is expected to wear a piece of bread and delicious souce. The two only named flogie's are Oogi (in the episode The Brady Hunch), the second is Gerold (in the episode Junga ball.