Farhod the Fierce is a Viking warrior


Farhod was born over a thousand years ago, some where in scandinavia, about a thousand years ago he attacked kinkow, planning to take over it, he failed and perished.

Some how over the centuries he came into the possesion of Kinkows country-wester saleswoman/witch. When Brady went with lanny to by a ghost to prove to boomer they existed, Lanny tricked him into buying the Viking ghost, who attacked him and Boomer, then possesed Boomer, after learning he was the king.

Brady went back in and talked to him, at first unawere of the event, he was quickly scared off, Mason led the guards into get him, only for him to prove to powerful, he enslaved them, and lanny, who relised he was out of his depth. Brady went back to the witch, who solded him a anti-ghost suit, a spell to defeat him and a can to recapture the ghost.

Brady lure him out of the castle, Farhod attacked, only for the suit to repel him, Brady tried to read the spell, but he flung it away, Brady then managed to force him to leave Boomers body, if he left his suit, he did and the two fought, Brady was able to finally defeat him, when he dodged his axe, and grabbed the can, imprisoning him once more and freeing the kingdom. (Brady battles Boo-mer)


Farhod is ruthless, cruel, barbaric, greedy and fearsom, he strived to conquer kingkow, and would kill anyone who stood in his path. He also seems to be quite arrogrant.


Farhod, is skilled fighter with an axe, able to out fight 8 of the guards including mason, at the same time, dispite his great size, he is able to move with great speed and agility.

As ghost he posses supernatural powers, like possestion and telekineas.