Boomer is one of the kings, and claims himself as the good-looking one. He was convinced by his brother, Brady, that the people of Kinkow were important too. Boomer says in his heart, he was born to be a king, and explains to people that Brady says random stuff when he's nervous.

Boomer has his mother's African/American skin. He is rarely serious, unlike his brother Brady. He loves to make jokes about Beyonce. Boomer tends to be afraid. He got picked around bullies in Chicago but, now since he is a king, he can boss people around. Boomer is portrayed by Doc Shaw.



King Duke "Boomer" {{#if: Birthdate|


June 26 1994




Brady - Brady is Boomer's fraternal triplet. In the first two seasons, he and Boomer were co-kings of Kinkow until he left.

Boz - Boz is Boomer's fraternal triplet. Now, with Brady gone, he and Boomer are co-kings.

Mikayla - Boomer's friend, although they sometimes get in fights with each other.

Mason - A loyal friend, gaurd and father figure for the triplets, more Boomer and Brady than Boz.

Lanny - The evil cousin of the boys, but since they are so naive, they trust him anyways. Lanny seems to hate them a little bit less since they gave him an island.


He is a dude who likes to laugh and make jokes. Like Brady, he is scared of everything on Kinkow, but in the same way, he is slightly brave like him.